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The Excuses That We Can Make In Our Office Life For A Leave

“Good morning, sir. Firaq, this side,” said I over the phone.

“Hey Firaq, morning. What’s up?” asked my boss.

“Sir, wanted to inform you that I won’t be available in the office today. I got some urgent work to do. I really regret it,” I said very humbly.

“Come on, Firaq. It’s alright. You take a leave today. Enjoy yourself, and come tomorrow. Don’t worry about nothing. Okay!” said my boss.

“Sure thing, sir. Thank you very much.” as soon as I disconnected the call a sweet music began to play, which sooner turned out to be my alarm at 7:00am. Well, sh-t happens.

So, I’m going to talk about some effective and some lame excuse for leaves we make in our office lives, now and then. It’s a part of our corporate lifestyle and culture. We all make excuses for urgent leaves. Don’t trust the people who say they don’t make excuses for leaves.

Making excuses is surely no offense, and we should make excuses if needed. Making excuses, indeed, is our birth right because it protects our fundamental right to privacy.

Apart from being the birth right, I also regard and associate excuses with creativity and adventure. Making an excuse is also a test of your creative mind and courageous attitude. And I suggest you not to lose this opportunity.

Well, I have been making excuses since the very early days of my employment; and I have learnt from my mistakes and experiences.

The very first excuse for my absence was not even an excuse; I was just telling them, my seniors, the fact, but they took that as an excuse.

“It was raining the whole day, so I didn’t come to the office yesterday. It was just not possible,” I had said, I remember.

“So, this is your excuse for your absence yesterday?” the ex-boss said.

“No, sir. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. It’s true,” I said.

Today, I know I was a wild ass to say that to my boss. Lesson: Don’t tell the truth, make an excuse, and respect your privacy. Otherwise, you’d look like a stupid.

When I got tired of ‘stomach ache’ excuse, I began to research on the subject of excuses for leaves.


Excuses are valued by the amount of respect you put in them. I say, a respectful excuse is an artistic display of manners.

Please, please, and please, do not kill your distant granny, or make anyone fall sick. It’s just gross, and immoral. It’s just not cool, man. How can someone just do that! Our excuses are supposed to bring enjoyment, happiness and positiveness, right!

As I said, an excuse is valued by the respect you fill in it. So please, insert more and more respect, values, morality, life and health in your excuses.


The characteristics of excuses are defined by the level of confidence put into them. The excuses with lack of confidence are as good as lies. Lies are bad things, they are generally designed to hurt or harm people. But excuses are different; they are made to ‘protect our privacy’.

Excuses are also a healthy part of relationships shared by employers and employees. If employers and employees are respecting each other’s interests wrapped in the sheet of ‘excuses’, they are sharing a rather healthy relationship. It’s a good thing; always better than doubting each other, and confronting each other on a subject of leaves.


‘At the end of the day’ your boss is boss. He is your boss, because he possesses a boss’s characteristics. Might be, he is your boss, because it was his dream to be a boss since his childhood. This is what I learnt from watching BBC’s Undercover Bosses.

Even today monarchy prevails in our corporate world, and I’m afraid even America cannot deliver democracy to this world despite having a president like Mr. Donald Trump himself.

So, while making excuses display some respects to your kind, Mr. Boss, not just because it’s the norm, but because it’s a very human thing. When you show respect to your boss, it triggers a chemical reaction in his mind which increases the chances for the approval of your leaves.


Every person is a creative person, some are good at creativity and some are terrible at it. If you fall in the category of ‘bad at creativity’ avoid it in your excuses. There is no smartness in making excuses like: I slipped on the banana leaves, or I was bitten by a hornet, or I was robbed on the way by some dudes, etc.


Excuses in offices are supposed to be made as a last resort. Excuses in our office life are not positive things, they can affect one’s career in a negative way. Our corporate world is more competitive than it was a day before. And your bosses always need your support to survive the fish-market, and he doesn’t even let you know that. A day’s leave can only be compensated by increasing the workload on your colleagues, or in the worst case, it cannot be compensated at all. So, always communicate well with your bosses.

There is no alternate of the pleasure of life living as per the plans and routines we maintain. A leave attained by a good excuse or a bad excuse, it would remain a gloomy and jinxed holiday for you. A sense of guilt won’t leave.

So plan your leaves and enjoy your life, after all excuses are excuses.

Tips to be most successful in the Event Industry

After spending 22 years in this Industry, I can conclude there is no fixed formula for success. Formulas and formats of business evolve day in and day out. Also, the situation is different from one company/person to the other. On top of it, the market dynamics are changing at a faster speed than ever before.

Then the question arises, what’s constant in this ever changing market conditions which can sustain a business successfully? Here are some basic principles to success:

1. Always consider interest/objective of the client first. Beyond your needs and situation at any cost.

2. Be honest to your team and supply chain. Use and throw theory are shortcuts. They will not lead to a sustainable success. You need good partners internally and externally.

3. More than profits, creditability is long lasting.

4. You are unique, your company is unique, then there is no need to copy anyone. Be yourself. Make your own unique identity and not a copied one.

5. Show-off is like a bubble. It will burst. Accept and show only what you are and do not try to show what you are not. Because you will have to go on dragging yourself and resources to live up to your show.

Will share more articles on building and running successful Business in the Event Industry.

How to Child’s Play Turns Into a Bright Business Person

How do you know if a child will someday turn into a successful business person?

Every child can be smart. By respecting and supporting his/her ideas and interests, it will help that child’s natural abilities to surface. Gifted children show from a young age, for example when they sell lemonade on the corner for 25 cents and earn 5 or 10 dollars by the end of the day, that is the entrepreneur spirit.

I feel that in some manner, a true entrepreneur is created as a child in many ways. Maybe a Mother says “Wow, he is quite the talker and I bet he will become a great salesman someday” or “she is so smart, I bet she will run her own business someday and will be a good leader”.

These are the times that a seed gets planted and children never forgets these times. When the time is right and all what they learned come together is a great moment. They might strive for what was in their heart, planted by a mentor, Mom or Dad’s encouragements or comments so many years ago.

I feel like it is a moment that a child makes a Mother and Father proud, and the achievements that their parents don’t remember why but all of a sudden, this business person is a salesman of the month or became a CEO of their own business. It is a very proud moment for both parents and the family.

Achievements are so important in an adult or child’s life and when their successes are best recognized by their loved ones as a very proud moment. The making of a CEO or a top sales person can be found at many moments in life. When did the light-bulb become brighter for a career? Was it sparked when they were 15 years old, when they got to feel what glory and winning was like when they won at a football game or played in their first recital. Maybe when they brought home their first A in math and always try to learn better math.

I do not know if any of us will ever truly know these answers. All we can always do is encourage our loved ones no matter what age they are, encourage with warm and positive feelings to emanate through kind words and actions, keep the positive loving attitude in the home or work place to inspire the greatness.

Now Let BAS Energy Help You To Be Stress Free

April is Stress Awareness Month, so we thought it would be the perfect time to let you know how we at BAS Energy, can help you reduce stress about your business energy bills.

We understand how important it is to be stress free in the workplace, especially when dealing with finances. Having a clear and relaxed mind makes it a lot easier to concentrate running a business, so we want to help our customers by taking the stresses of energy bills and queries over usage away, leaving them feeling relieved, and focused on other aspects of the job.

Let BAS Energy Help You

At BAS Energy, we can take the pressure off and help your business by searching the wholesale market to find the best business energy prices tailored to your company needs and budgets.

We have the latest leading technology that can help us to track your utilities even on multiple sites which will then be gathered into one set of online reports. We can then get a clear understanding of what your business is using and be able to recommend an energy contract that’s suitable to you.

Our Openview platform enables you to see a breakdown of all commercial energy costs for current and future contracts, on a daily basis. This allows a business to compare gas and electricity prices and find out what changes there may be in the future. This is a great way to take advantage of favourable cost conditions in the wholesale energy markets and save money on energy procurement.

We also have our online energy usage management platform – Dataview, a place where all a business’ energy assets can be shown online including location, map, meter ID and type. In-line with using smart meters, corporate and medium companies can benefit from Dataview, as it simplifies the data collected, making energy consumption and cost measurements a lot easier to read and compare with.

Not only can we save on your business energy costs by searching the market for cheaper rates, we also offer invoice validation and bill audit services, which ensures your current energy providers are charging accurate prices for your usage.

So whether you’re a small to medium sized business who is in need of help with saving money on your gas and electricity or saving on water, or a large corporate needing help to optimise your energy portfolio or check the accuracy of your supplier’s billing, the BAS Energy team is here to help and keep you stress free!